For physical and mental wellbeing, to improve clarity and balance emotions, reducing stress through breathing exercises and mindfulness.

Chair Yoga | 6 weeks

Date: Thursday 8 June-20 July  (7 Weeks)
Time: 10:30am-12noon
Cost: £10 per participant per class
Where: Online (Zoom) Gentle Yoga class

Come and join me for a very gentle yoga class. 

We will start with a gentle relaxation to land and begin our practice together. 

We will do a meditation and pranayama (breathing techniques) followed by an opening to the practice. 

We will continue with warm ups and a gentle yoga session. There will be postures in the chair and some on the mat if that’s right for you. 

We will end with a deep relaxation and will close the session with 3 Oms. 

This is a relaxing class with a focus on pranayama, breathing exercise and meditation.

Please bring a yoga mat if you have one and a scarf/belt. 

Cost for the entire course (7 classes): £70


  • chair with no arm rests
  • yoga mat 
  • yoga block/s and cushions (optional)
  • yoga strap or a belt or a scarf
  • blanket/s
  • wear comfortable stretchy clothing