Art classes and workshops for any level, from beginners to advanced.

Writing for Well-being

Date:  12 September 2023 (3 weeks)

Writing and Art aid self-discovery and growth through creative expression of thoughts, emotions, and experiences, leading to greater self-awareness and understanding of values and motivations. Courses boost self-awareness, motivation, understanding, and personal growth. Courses will be structured to be interactive and engaging, encouraging active creative expression.

We will look at:

  1. Creative writing techniques and exercises to stimulate imagination and self-expression
  2. The power of writing as a tool for self-discovery and personal growth

a fortnightly class, dates: 12, 26 sept, 10 Oct
Time: 10am-11.30am
Cost: £36 for 3 weeks 
Where: Online (Zoom)

Cost for the entire course (3 classes): £36

Keeping a Sketchbook

Date:    Monday 11th September 2023 (6weeks)
Time: 10am-12noon
Cost: £12 per participant per class
Where: Online (Zoom)

Aim: To provide a space where you can explore how to develop your art work through a regular sketchbook practice.




We will explore different themes and I will encourage you to develop ideas in an area that you feel drawn to. You will have an opportunity to share your work and discuss how to move forward in your chosen area. You will be encouraged to maintain a regular practice in a way that suits your circumstances. We will look at how to get rid of a blank white page and how to find inspiration. We will do some drawing and look at using mixed media.






What will i achieve/outcomes:


Maintain a regular sketchbook practice.


work independently in a sketchbook. 


Identify how to improve upon your chosen area.


Gather a variety of material to work from in your sketchbook.


Cost for the entire course (6 classes): £72

Art Journaling

Date: 6 November – 11 December 2023 (6 Weeks)
Time: 10am-12noon
Cost: £12 per participant per class
Where: Online (Zoom)





We will nurture creative expression by providing a framework to help you express yourself on a regular basis.








This is a great opportunity to record your life in images. You’ll learn a manageable structure to enable you to express yourself creatively everyday and find a way to document your life. The techniques we use can unlock your creative brain. Expressing yourself creatively reduces stress so this can improve your health and wellbeing. We will explore using colour and will experiment with watercolours. You will set up in your journal an easy method to help you to continue art journaling on a regular basis.






To be able to create an art journal


To find techniques to enable creativity on a regular basis


Express oneself creatively


Cost for the entire course (6 classes): £72

Creating a Nature Journal

Date: Friday 9 May – 21 July (no class on 23 June)    6 Weeks
Time: 10am-12noon
Cost: £12 per participant per class
Where: Online (Zoom)

Creating your own Nature Journal

We will start to bring some writing into our journals as we observe nature and record our findings. Of course we will experiment and be playful.

We will look at printing, Hapazome, drawing and we will even explore the world of flower pressing!

There is a chance to use textiles and to bring poetry into your work, and for the budding writers you will be able to create some writing of your own.

We will look at birds, flowers, leaves and will interact with nature. 

Cost for the entire course (6 classes): £72

Designing your own art inspiration cards

Date: Friday 21st April-26 May  (6 Weeks)
Time: 10am-12noon
Cost: £10 per participant per class
Where: Online (Zoom)

Designing your own art inspiration cards.

In this course we will design and make a set of cards that you can use to inspire you to create art.

We will be creating ways into art by exploring different shapes, tools, mediums, techniques,  colour palettes and ways to create. In this 6 week course we will focus on one topic each week and create a whole set of cards that you can takeaway. 

We will work mindfully focusing on being in the present moment and will will focus on the process of creating rather than the finished piece, keeping the work loose and free. 

You will have a ready made system to find new ways to start your paintings and experiment in your art journaling pages.

Cost for the entire course (6 classes): £60


Well-being group

Date: Tuesdays monthly: 7 Mar, 4 April, 2 May
Time: 10am-12noon
Cost: £15 per participant per class
Where: Online (Zoom)

This is a perfect chance to nurture yourself and start to look at what you want to bring into your life. This is a time for you to go within and focus on your own well-being.

This is a supportive nurturing group that helps you to identify how best to take care of yourself and find nourishing ways to bring out the best in you. We will set goals for the month ahead and help you to plan how to implement them. 

We will focus on breath work to help calm the mind and start to look at different meditative practices to support your well-being by bringing in a state of calm and peace within. Over the coming months, we will explore various practices such as meditation, journaling, and some other creative practices such as drawing and or mindful colouring. Note you don’t need to be an artist to do this. We will look at how we are all creative beings and how you like to express yourself creatively. It could be through cooking or making your home look beautiful. It could however be sewing or drawing or painting. This is a chance for you to explore your unique way of being. All practices are optional and we can discuss an alternative if there is an activity that doesn’t suit you.

Cost for the entire course (3 classes): £45 (or £15 per class)

Making, creating and filling your own art journal

Date: Friday 24th Feb – 31st March (6 Weeks)
Time: 10am-12noon
Cost: £10 per participant per class
Where: Online (Zoom)

In this course you will make your own art journal and then week by week we will explore different art journaling mixed media supplies and techniques to fill up the pages in the journal.

We will do some collage and will make our own collage papers. We will explore different mark making techniques using lots of different media such as: acrylics, acrylic matt medium, paper, stamps, stencils, possibly gelli plates (if you have one), ink, watercolour, gesso, water-soluble pencil/crayon/pastels, wax and/or masking fluid.

Note: you do not have to have all these materials, or use the one/s suggested. There will be an invitation to try new techniques/ materials, there will be different suggestions and alternatives offered. It is a chance to try out all of the art materials you have and might not have used much, and a possible excuse to buy something you have been wanting to try out.

Cost for the entire course (6 classes): £60