About me

Faye is passionate about connecting with nature and spirit beings that reside in the unseen realms. She tunes into nature and tries to capture the spirit of the beautiful world we live in through her paintings.

I live in Glastonbury, also known as the Isle of Avalon, as you might imagine I love all things mystical. I try to capture something of this in my work especially when creating images of the tor, fairies or unicorns. I am particularly drawn to Barn Owls, a magical and mysterious creature known for its exceptional hearing, a nocturnal bird of magic and higher wisdom. I love trying to capture something of the essence of the spirit of what I’m painting and strive to do this in my work to try and show my love for and awe of the beautiful world we live in.

Faye was born in the Midlands and went to university at Bretton Hall in Yorkshire, she also studied to become a teacher in Warwickshire and lived and worked in Devon whilst training to be a Dramatherapist. She has travelled extensively around the world and has lived in many different parts of the UK including Wales and Scotland. Faye studied photography and art as a visual language at Bretton Hall, during her degree which was English with Related Studies. After this she continued to paint and find her own style.

Faye now lives in Glastonbury. She regularly visited the mystical isle as she felt it was her spiritual home on her first visit at aged 17. She came to live here in 2012 after a long journey from Scotland to Guatemala and finally Peru. She lived in the Findhorn Foundation for 9 months where she developed her relationship with Nature Spirits. After this she went to Guatemala for 6 months to do a 3 month retreat with 40 days of silence, during this time Faye realised that her connection to nature and her spiritual path was the most important thing to her. The final leg of the journey was a trip to the Amazon rainforest in Peru where a piranha chewed off part of her toe. This life changing event finally put an end to her travels. On her return to the UK she was ready to be grounded in one place, she gave up her life in the Midlands and moved to Glastonbury to pursue her dreams and focus on her connection with nature and her spirituality trying to express it through her creativity.

She found an art group and started painting nature and the spirit beings who reside there as well as animals and landscapes. She focused on trying to capture her love of nature and something of the mystical realms of Avalon in her work. After 5 years the art teacher relocated so Faye took over running the class with a fellow teacher who was also in the group.

Faye has worked mainly in pen and inks or watercolour, creating images of nature, spirit beings and animals, she is particularly drawn to owls. After having a baby in 2014 Faye has been drawing and painting her daughter as she has been a great inspiration to Faye. Since the pandemic Faye started Art Journaling and now practices this everyday, focusing on the process rather than the outcome. The goal now is to create something in her journal that reflects something from the inner everyday. She is letting go of focusing on creating pieces of art, although pieces of art do of course appear along the way.

She has exhibited with CREATE SPACE II 3 times. As well as in Glastonbury Galleries Anonymous Art Exhibition for the last 3 years. She also took part in a Christmas exhibition at Glastonbury Galleries and has had 2 solo exhibitions when she was in Warwickshire, once in an exhibition space in Gaia a wholefood shop and once as part of Warwickshire Arts week.