Faye greening

My focus is on creating art as a process rather than an outcome.

Since the pandemic I have been creating art journals and sketchbooks as a way to document and process my experiences and feelings.

I have tried out lots of different techniques and different media, read lots of books, watched many YouTube videos and experimented with the medium of art journaling.



Since September 2020 I have been teaching online art classes. Before that I co-taught an in person class in Glastonbury.

Well-being Days

All day workshops focusing on wellbeing, coming into the present moment. We use meditation, breathing, visualisation as well as doodling and art journaling techniques.

Weekly Class

I offer weekly on going online classes. I set up 6 week blocks which focus on a theme or technique. The next class starts in September and will be focusing on using colour.

Things You Will Learn

Choosing the right journal/sketchpad

How to find a journal that works for you.

Setting up

How to set up your journal/ sketchpad to help you create on a regular basis.

which Materials to use

You can explore the materials you have in a group setting and get ideas from others about which other materials you can try.

Art Techniques

You will learn lots of new techniques and we will explore different ideas together.